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I forgot about this blog…

But now I’m glad that it’s still up, even if I haven’t posted on it in months. I need somewhere to vent about my eating disorder again, since I’m way too ashamed to on my real blog… I just feel like I had made so much progress on that blog and even though I did say I relapsed, I just can’t talk about my eating disorder the way I used to when I first started it.

58292) I just want to be able to eat with pleasure again.

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Note: The cure for asthma is not, “Just breathe!”, and the cure for cancer is not, “Stop growing those cells!” Similarly, the cure for depression is not, “Just be happier!”, and the cure for anxiety is not, “Stop worrying so much!” These are not phases of life for teenagers and the weak-minded - they are serious and chronic medical illnesses.

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